NPS E-Payment

Punjab National Bank renders its customers the facility to make NPS payments Online. This can be availed by customer of any Centralised Banking branch of the bank. For using the facility the customers must be registered with valid PRAN number. The customers should have PNB's Internet Banking User-id & passwords. Using this facility, the customers can make payments at any time of the day. This facility is available only for account holders of PNB and PRAN holders registered with NSDL. Steps for NPS payments - Online

  1. Log on for PNB Net Banking.Select Payments ---> Other Payment ---> NPS Contribution.
  2. Enter Valid PRAN Number.
  3. Click on Validate PRAN Button.
  4. PRAN will be validate by the system and it will auto fill subscriber's information
  5. Enter the contribution Amount,Accept Declaration and click submit button.
  6. Confirm and Submit for making payment.
  7. Select Retail Option(*Note:Contribution Facility available only for PNB's Retail User)
  8. You will be directed to PNB's internet Banking Channel
  9. Enter User-id & Password to logon
  10. Select the account to be debited
  11. Confirm payment by valid user-id & transaction password
  12. On successful payment, Payment/Transaction-id will be generated with the link for cyber receipt which can be printed and kept for future reference.
  13. If you will find any error during your transaction, Kindly check your account in internet banking immediately whether your amount has been debited or not. If debited, wait for next day and print duplicate cyber receipt.
  14. You can also take Duplicate e-receipt of transaction by providing the required credentials
  15. In case of Duplicate Transaction, i.e. with same CIN,inform the bank.
  16. In case of any queries kindly send a mail to,, or Call on 011-23357166,23319316
  17. Steps to know your Bank Transaction id to generate DUPLICATE CHALLAN. Login in to your Internet Banking A/C and follow the steps: Go to Accounts > statement of account (In drop down) > Give txn Date range > Select "Display on same page" >click on "Statement" >In transaction details, 3rd field is the internet banking txn no.
    i.e Bank ID(without the zeros at the beginning)

    Bank Transaction id can be used to generate DUPLICATE cyber receipt.

  18. Note: Contribution amount will be reflected on t+3 basis in NPS account
  19. Application support Internet Explorer 6.0 and above. Also Turn ON Pop blocker of IE to generate Receipt. (Tools > Pop Up blocker > Turn ON Pop up Blocker)

Start New e-Payment of NPS

Generate DUPLICATE Cyber receipt